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Your South African private label-fruit specialist based in Holland as a service provider that specializes in all kinds of South African produce.
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Vroegop Bemiddeling links the farmer to the buyer in a personal manner to ensure that knowlegde, know-how and personal contact is kept throughout the relationship.

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About vroegop bemiddeling

What we do? We link the farmer to the buyer and guide the import-export process on all intermediary-areas, from procurement and accounting to operation and sales. We only work with proven reliable partners on a fixed deal basis and keep in close personal contact with all parties. This way we ensure that knowledge and know-how is kept and implemented during each individual process, but molded to the needs of each client. By combining logistics we are able to cover delivery to 24 harbors al over the world and find suitable clients to work with. Add 25+ years of experience and you have Vroegop Bemiddeling BV.

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Private Family brands
“House of superior fruit and wine brands”

A successful private label is not created on paper but is made by people, for people and running it is an art in itself. Not only in maintaining a steady flow of high quality product, but also getting that product to the shelves on the other side of the world. We specialize in helping private labels do exactly this.

Vroegop Bemiddeling BV has successfully represented and helped to strengthen various private labels and after years of collecting the best and most reliable we consider ourselves a house of superior fruit and wine brands.

From marketing consultancy to creating strategic Private Label Development Plans, we are part of their teams helping to deliver top-notch products. A win-win both ways with open calculation’s and reliability as pillars to insurance sustainability for the private labels future generations.

In workin within a one-stop-shop invoicing system, risk on both sides of each ocean ar better in sight and manageable. Both farmer and importers are weekly updated with rapports on fruit-flows in South Africa, and if requested of the rest of the continents in the southern hemisphere.


At the moment our hous consistsof the following family members:

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“The finest quality products with a generic distribution network open to all”

The finest quality products, for all to enjoy.

Demand for the finest quality products have increased enormously over the last couple of years. Various products are exported or imported from all corners of the globe each year to satisfy the ever-growing need for the finest quality produce. In todays world, north and south; east and west are able to supply each other with various products and E-fruits helps make this as simple as possible.

In order to achieve this, various partners are involved in the supply chain, which increases the importance of working together to ensure the quality of the product is maximized available for all to enjoy.

In addition to their family estate brands E-fruit can function as a generic export label for when farmers don’t or don’t yet, have a private label of their own. We’ll guide the process and make sure the fruit get’s where it’s supposed to be in our own house of brands. For more information on this particular process fee free to contact us directly.






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